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“Being a Realtor® in today’s market is extremely competitive and challenging to say the least. When I first started out I was fortunate enough to be hired by the best team in the Kingston area. The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team provided me with constant training, mentoring, support, guidance and let’s not forget, access to an endless stream of hot new leads looking to buy and sell. As a brand new agent, The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team guided me through an unexpectedly successful first year and motivated me to build on it. What more could you ask for? If you are looking for your first job as a Realtor® or considering a change of scenery, don’t waste another minute wondering where to go. The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team is waiting for you!”
- Jason Swiech, Sales Representative

“When I first became Licensed, I worked briefly for a different brokerage. During my time there I couldn’t help by notice how much presence The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team had. I was lucky enough to join the team a couple years ago and have not regretted my decision once. I can’t imagine any other team being more knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and working together as cohesively as we do. We each offer something completely different and we each have our own strengths and weaknesses. The one common thing with all of us is the level of respect that we have for each other, which is tremendous. I can honestly say that I have never once felt like I was in a position where I had no support. The potential for success within this team is excellent and we all do our best to help each other out.”
- Jill Keeling, Sale Representative

“When becoming a new agent, I was told from other brokerages that it would be unlikely I would sell a home in my first year. Fortunately, I started my days as an agent with this team, and in my first year I was able to sell 16 homes. Not only is the training provided outstanding, but to me, it’s about how much of a family we are. I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen if I am booked solid and I come down with the flu, or have to leave town for an emergency, the team is there to help out; not because we have to, but because we want to see everyone succeed.”
- Melissa Schelter, Sales Representative

“I have had the distinct pleasure of being a member of The Sarah MacInnis Real Estate Team since October, 2012. I find the work environment to be supportive, encouraging and motivating. It is a laid-back atmosphere that is ideal for my approach to being a Realtor®, yet the concepts of professionalism and customer service prevail. The training is second to none and I have had the opportunity to hone and enhance my skills to become successful in this industry and I have Sarah to thank for that.”
- Phil Robertson, Sales Representative 
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